Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Days

The end of another school year has come....far too quickly as usual. We have been very blessed this year to have had such amazing teachers. I have to say that I have been so impressed with the quality of the educators at Canyon Ridge. Our children have flourished and grown by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be happier. Brooklyn had 2 final field trips to close out the school year. I was able to attend the first with her. The Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. We learned about the wonderful wildlife here in the dessert (I have already expressed my feelings at length on this matter). We also learned of how the first people to live here in the dessert survived....without a/c. Pretty interesting stuff. I think our favorite part had to be the butterfly preserve. A big net building with tons of butterflies fluttering around you. They also had huge glass sculptures on display...beautiful!

Brooklyn taking her own pictures.
A very tired, hot and unamused butterfly...
It's a good thing it was only 90 that day. (Could someone please explain why these field trips are scheduled in May as opposed to February or March? Just a thought...)

The kids last day of school was great. The boys both had "picnics" luckily Levi's started an hour before Walkers so I didn't have to miss anything. Levi's class put on a little play and sang some cute songs. I'm not sure what it was about a cute little kindergartner singing "Time to say goodbye to Kindergarten" to the tune of "Love and Marriage" that got me so emotional. But sure enough there I was, tears and all, clapping in the back. I'm a sucker for the "I'm growing up now" stuff I guess. Levi was so proud of his certificate.
Levi and his teacher Mrs. Taylor (Sorry Holli, I had to!)
I think one of Walker's favorite things about school was all the friends he made. He came home day after day talking about his new friends. I think the hardest part of summer for him will be not seeing those kids every day. He too had a fantastic teacher.

Walker with one of his favorite people Mrs. Encarnacion

Jacob Knaggs, Walker and Ty Webb

I think besides Levi Jacob was Walker's favorite little buddy.

I wish I could've gotten more pictures of the girls but at least I got these two. The girls also had wonderful teachers. Kalysta's teacher, Mrs. Downs was so good with her. Very patient and had genuine concern and love for her. Brooklyn's teacher knew just how to challenge her and spent many hours working on ways to teach a very gifted group of kids. Brooklyn finished out the year with straight A's. She reached her goal of straight A's all year. She told me she really wants to go to BYU and knows she'll have to have at least a 4.0 or better so she feels she needs to start now. We're proud of all our smart, sweet and talented kids! We want to give big Kudos to all of the teachers who have had such a wonderful influence on our children! Thanks!!

Kalysta and her 1st grade graduate certificate!!

Brooklyn and her teacher Mrs. Speight

I also have to say our kids had a really wonderful bus driver. The kids really loved her.

Look how we've grown!!
First Day of School
Last Day of School
OK, so not much difference, but if you could see their brains....


The Wachel Family said...

Oh my goodness just reading about those "growing up" songs makes me all teary eyed! The kiddos are so beautiful Aim and you guys should be VERY proud! Love the pictures and I can defintely see where the boys have GROWN so much! Brookyln and Kalysta too, but man the boys are just getting so big! We love and miss you - Ashlee was just telling me today that she really misses Las Vegas because at least she could go visit Kalysta every once in awhile. Please come visit us...please?

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute. Get those kiddo's over here and we'll go swimming.

Mike Wachel said...

Why do you have to make me all sad and stuff right before I go to work? Geez!