Thursday, April 30, 2009


From the time I was little I would look forward to summer. It was then that we would go visit my grandparents and my aunt Becky. As I got older these trips became even more enjoyable. I have loved the time I have been able to spend with them. In particular my aunt Beck (name change is due the fact that after 25 years she finally decided to tell me she hates Becky). She was more like a sister than an aunt. When she went to school at Ricks we would go stay the weekends with her. When we would go visit her in Colorado I loved to just ride around in the many "cool cars" she had. In fact she even let me drive on of these when I got my license. After high school I lived with her just before getting married. From that time I have truly loved every event, every trip and any amount of time I have had to spend. Beck and her husband Mike and their sweet children will always hold a special place. They have moved away and while I am immensely happy for them, I can't help but feel a little selfish in wishing they hadn't gone so far. Vegas is a much easier drive to make than Alaska.

I want you both to know how much we love you. How grateful I am to call you family. You will be missed.

I was able to make a quick trip to Vegas the weekend before they left. It was great! I got to visit with them, my grandparents and my mom.

Sweet little Chase

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hippity Hoppity....

Easter has come and gone once again. This year was the first, in a long time, that was not spent in Utah with my family. So, we spent it together with just us, Chris, our wonderful neighbors and our ward family. Saturday there was a ward Easter egg hunt and breakfast. We woke up to a beautiful rainy it had been 85-90 degrees all week. Yet, the day we have an activity to attend it rains. Sigh...oh well. The kids never seem to notice or mind such things so off we went. We had a great time!

See if you can spot my kids!!

Mmmmm Sausage....

Then of course while the children slept the Easter Bunny stopped by and brought plenty of goodies. He also hid eggs both at our house and in the neighbors backyard. I think it's the Easter Bunny's attempt to show them what a joy children are and that it's time to have their own. They are so good to our kiddos. It's great to have such amazing neighbors!

They told Geoff that the Easter Bunny left a note telling them there were eggs in his backyard. After which he proceeded to tell them that the Easter bunny left a note telling him that if any little kids came knocking not to let them in the backyard. Of course the kids just ignored him and walked back there anyways. Silly Geoff.

And what could make this Easter even better you ask? How about an emergency trip to the dentist? While Walker was taking a bath he began to scream, as only Walker can, that his tooth hurt. He's had a pretty big cavity and I have been putting it off to avoid the trauma (mostly to me) of having him get "the shot". But he was in a lot of pain and so he willingly let James take him to his office. James said that Walker was the best child patient he's seen. He didn't cry AT ALL, not even one complaint. It's amazing what can be accomplished when mom isn't present.

Then we were off to church. On these occasions it's nice to have church at 2. I took some pics of the girls because the boys were both at the office. I had planned to take some of the boys after church but James ended up having to leave with Walker halfway through sacrament because once the numbness wore off he was pretty sore. So needless to say I have no pictures of the boys.

We had a wonderful Easter. We are so grateful for the Atoning sacrifice of the Savior. What a blessing it is!! We hope that your Easter was filled with happiness and a remembering of this great sacrifice.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Catching Up....

This will probably be my longest blog ever! There has been so much going on. I kept telling myself, "Self...get on and blog or you're going to get behind." Unfortunately, myself tends to be a bit of a procrastinator and as such failed in these attempts. So that brings us here, with me posting the many events and pictures from last month. So, here we go.

As you saw in my previous post I went to Utah for the blessing of Sallie and Jesse's sweet little babe. I had a marvelous time. I truly love the time I spend with my family and find myself always wishing for just a little more.

Mady, Skylee, and Ryder

Off to church
While the kids were playing outside I went out to take a few pictures. Sky and Teagan were eating it up! They were thoroughly enjoying having their picture taken. Ryder, on the other hand is all boy and therefore had no interest in having his picture taken!
One thing that worked out quite nicely is that my kids were there visiting their dad so they were able to come over and play with their cousins. It's been so fun now that they are old enough to play together. They always enjoy their time together and usually find they don't want to go home.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....James kept plenty busy with Levi and Kalysta....and the yard. Kalysta is currently taking cheer classes and they had a parade all the way out in Scottsdale that Saturday. So James got them up at 6 am, brushed up on his hair stylin' skills and headed out. What a great dad! Not only did he do all that I mentioned before but once there he walked the entire length of the parade alongside Kalysta with Levi on his shoulders, taking pictures and video all along the way! He had a few blisters at the end due to the fact that he wore flip flops (silly James). Then he came home and continued to work diligently on the yard.

Kalysta was NOT happy about the cowboy hat.

My Texas Boys!

We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary this last month. We went out with some good friends, Goeff and Lacey, who also happen to be our neighbors! We went to Kona Grill out in Scottsdale. Kona is still one of my all time favorite places to eat. Macadamia nut chicken....mmmmmm. James, of course had all the sushi he could consume. It turned out to be a great evening.

It never fails, in every group of pictures there is one of these. I keep hoping that every time he sees them he'll see how silly he looks and will stop. This, however, has not been the case.

The two following nights my sweet husband was kind enough to let me go out with some of my good friends. The first night was with Aubree and Vanessa. We went and had some yummy mexican food and then went to see Taken - great movie, you will never let your kids leave the house after seeing it.

The next evening I went out with Aubree and Nicole. Nicole will me moving soon to complete her husband's residency. I have really loved getting to know so many wonderful people here in Arizona. I treasure the friendships I have made and will miss Nicole. She has promised to visit often and we'll hold you to it Nicole! I'm not sure what it is about time out with the girls that at times makes us digress a bit? Whatever it is, I love it. I love to be silly and giggly. Thanks girls for some quality girl time. Love it!
I think this is Aubree and I attempting to, uh, dance?

Of course we had to take a few with James' other lovely lady ;-)...
I hope you were able to get through all that. Funny thing is I have 3 or 4 more posts to go, but think I will wait and do those tomorrow. This is enough for now.