Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Photos

Well, we figured we'd have to do it sooner or later. Considering the fact that my mom still has my last family photo...Walker was 1 Brooklyn 5 and, of course it was pre-divorce....still hanging in her house. So we figured it was time. Plus, considering the fact that our kids are "older" we thought this would be a simple and painless task. After all, they've sat still for extended lengths of time, haven't they? Haven't they? I'm sure there had to be a time, I'm sure of it.
Well, basically out of 100 pictures there were 12 good ones, (half of those were of just James and I) so that should give you some idea. In about 85% of the remaining 88 Kalysta is making some sort of face...sigh. But lucky for us we had a miracle worker as a photographer. The ones that did work out she made look even more amazing. So, thank you Nicole!

We were going to take a picture of just the kids and then individual pictures but I think we'll hold off for now. Or possibly forever....who needs pictures or memories, I think my kids would rather live.


Christine said...

LOL! Great pictures! You have such a beautiful family. I love the one with all of your feet. On the individual shots, I would recommmend just doing it when they are asleep and then photoshopping their eyes in later. That's what I do, sure it's a little creepy, but they are holding still! (okay, I really don't do that)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog! Your pic's turned out really cute. I can't wait to see the one's of you and James alone!! Are your kiddo's back yet? I am jealous you had a break......did you do any great shopping? If you did, I can't wait to see your new finds.....if you didn't go shopping then we NEED to. Luv, Aub