Monday, June 30, 2008

Yee-Haw Jesters Dead!

Not long after James and I were married and he was getting ready to graduate I asked him if he had always wanted to be a dentist to which he fervently replied "NO! I wanted to be a fighter pilot!" Well, a couple months ago we met Josh and Emily. After inviting them to a murder mystery party we found that Josh was a pilot for the US Air Force flying F-16's, I believe (sorry if I got that wrong Josh). So, naturally, Josh and James became instant friends. Although I'm not sure Josh had a choice in the matter. ;-) Luke Air Force base has a simulator that Josh invited James to try. You sit in a cockpit and there are screens surrounding you, "simulating" flight. The inside is just like a fighter jet and there are 2 so you can "dog fight". James went once before and then Josh invited both of us to come with him and his wife, whom I love to pieces. I managed to crash only a couple times before learning how to stay in the air. I got a little motion sick but James of course had the time of his life, and was pretty good. So thank you Josh for helping James fulfill a childhood dream....for the most part. ;-)


Mark and Niki said...

So which one is Maverick???

Brooklyn said...

James only wishes he was! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, they will be missed! I feel sooooo bad for messing up JR's opportunity to go play in the simulator.....oops. Looks like it is a chance of a lifetime.
PS You chicks look HOT