Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Raining Teeth??

Well as they say when it rains it pours. Last week James noticed that Brooklyn's upper right canine was coming in funny, and because of this it was not dissolving the root of the primary tooth. It was therefore keeping it from falling out and making the permanent tooth erupt wrong so....he decided to pull it. He had to give her a shot and she did fabulously! Not even one tear. Of course he also gave her a little nitrous so that helped ease her anxiety (and mine).

Then, today after waiting and waiting and waiting Kalysta FINALLY lost her first tooth!! She has been very upset that she had not yet lost a single tooth and she is almost 7. So today she pulled it out in primary. I know I've already mentioned how tough this little lady is but when James and I saw the tooth we both laughed as it was clearly not quite ready to come out. As in there was still part of the root attached. ;-) So one can only conclude that it had to have been slightly painful to remove. But there is no stopping that girl when she is determined. Here is a cute picture of our toothless girl.


Burgon Fam said...

How fun to have James get to be the one to work on your teeth...that would surly make me a bit more calm about having a tooth pulled...Cute! I think that is so funny about Calista, its not fair she had to wait so how does Brooklyn look with a missing tooth? Oh and yes i would LOVE to come out and stay with you...Jesse should be racking up some nice skymiles maybe i could just use some and we could come see ya. That would be SOOOO much fun...I just have preschool to work it around now but even if it were for a weekend... that would be fun!

The Wachel Family said...

Finally Kalysta! Brooklyn is lucky...I love the nitrous gas!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about the access to the nitrous......we could make our girls nights out extremely wild!! Hahaha, just kidding.....kinda :0)

Go James on the new car. All of it's beautiful: wife, kids, house, car. LOVE it. Aim I'll see you and the girls later! Luvs, Aub