Monday, October 13, 2008


I actually planned on doing this tag about a week ago when I saw it on Katie's blog. I took the pictures and when I went to post it saw James tag, which he made me promise not to remove. Well it's had it's run and now it's time to move on. I actually had fun with this one.

Favorite Pair of Shoes:
Pair? I don't have a favorite "pair" but I tried to narrow it down to just a few. Shoes are a love of mine and to choose just one, well I couldn't hurt the other's feelings...but I did try to choose some of my absolute favorites. Right now.

Dream Vacation:

There are so many places that I would love to visit. But, I think, I would like most to visit Ireland.

Favorite Room:
Right now I'd have to say my living room. Because it's the only one I feel is complete. Plus I love the library in that room. It's the room we all seem to migrate to. I put a couple pictures because it's an odd shaped room and hard to get all of it in one shot.

What your kids are doing right now:

The girls were happily playing with Kalysta's doll house.

Walker had locked himself in the boys room. Levi was laying on the floor by the door talking underneath it as an attempt to get him to open the door.

Once I got the door open, I found Walker on his bed. He said he was angry because the girls wouldn't let him in Kalysta's room. I did happen to catch him peeking out from his blanket, which he was hiding under.

Self Portrait:
One of the few times I curled my hair. It just takes much too long.

Kitchen Sink:
Not really sure why anyone would want to see my kitchen sink. But uh, here it is. At least there wasn't much in it. This is usually not the case.

Again, not all that exciting. BUT, there is a pumpkin pie in there. AND plenty of diet cherry coke!

Laundry Room:
My laundry room is used every day. I always say to my mom that I will die in my laundry room. It is never empty...never.

Ok. This is James bathroom, downstairs off his gym. That's why it's decorated the way it is. The boy loves to golf...obviously. On a side note, this is also the bathroom that is closest to my garage so it's also the one the boys use as soon as they run in from school. So, the lid is closed.

Now I'm not one to really tag individuals. So, I too will extend a "tag" to anyone who wants to take the time to take the pictures. Enjoy!!


The Wachel Family said...

Aim...those aren't shoes, those are skiis!!!! Heh.