Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Job Search

I'm off to look for a job. We'll need it to make up the for the massive tax increase James will start paying January 20th. Do not for one moment think that the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to "expire" as Obama has promised. They will be rolled back immediately and thus I need to find a job.

After watching President Bush give his speech this morning I realized just how much I admire this man. Say what you will, but of this I know for fact. He is a true Patriot, who sincerely loves his country. One of the biggest mistakes he made was to communicate well to the American people all the great things he did for this country. I truly believe history will show that he was a great president. (That is if there are any conservative writers that will still be allowed to do so.) Wish the same could be said of the next man to overtake the White House.


The Wachel Family said...

Amen Aim. I love President Bush. That 2 minute speech he gave today was very inspiring. My hope is that he can retire to his Texas ranch and not have to listen to any more hatred spewing from the mouths of those who are less educated. Good luck on the job hunt, you're gonna need to make big bucks to make up for the taxes!!

Mallory Clan said...

True. Although I have a feeling that there won't be any jobs left.

Mike Wachel said...

I woke up at 3:50 this morning to go to work. I walked outside, got in my truck and what did I see? My fuel tank was still at half a tank! What, you mean it didn't magically fill up last night when he won the election?

CRAP. I thought everyone was saying he is the chosen one so I thought that I would at LEAST have a full tank of fuel. Then I looked in my wallet and all my cash was gone!