Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party

Last weekend James and I flew to California for the PDS owner doctor Christmas Party. We had a much better time than expected. The hotel was beautiful and right on the beach. I just wish it hadn't been so cold and rainy. We enjoyed good food, good company and we even did a little dancing.

Summer and I on the plane.
James and Steve Thorne

James and I with the Ashton's and the Cockrell's

The best part however was the raffle. Upon arrival we were both given 5 tickets each to place in whichever drawing we wished to enter. There were 5 or 6 categories and James placed all of his in electronics and I (knowing that Steve Thorne was a Lakers fan) placed mine in the sporting events. The first raffle was the electronics and James was the second one called!! He won a digital camera.
Joe and James with their raffle prizes.
Joe, Patty, James and I

However, while James and I were out dancing the waiter threw my tickets away, so when they did the raffle for the sporting event I had no idea if they called my number or not. (There were 2 numbers called that went unclaimed and I'd like to believe one was mine) The doctor sitting behind us, Dr. Pham, won one of those prizes and sure enough....Lakers tickets. Not just any tickets, 18th row from the floor and to the left of the basket, 4 of them. Oh and did I mention they're playing the Jazz? I told James to ask Dr. Pham if he would be willing to trade. James asked but Dr. Pham said no. So I went over and asked just to see the tickets. We talked for a bit about the Lakers and what a fun game it would be and I congratulated him and left. A few minutes later however he came back and said he'd be willing to trade!!! It totally made my night!! A big, big thank you to Dr. Pham. I will be giving the tickets to my dad for Christmas with one stipulation, he has to take me to the game. James and I had a wonderful trip and are grateful to be a part of the PDS family.
Dr. Pham, me and the Lakers tickets!
James and I in the courtyard of the hotel.


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun! Did your friend go with you? That would have been a blast! Love ya, and Merry Christmas.