Monday, May 11, 2009


I am thoroughly convinced that I am INCAPABLE of writing a short post. So why try?

We've had a couple of great visits from some pretty great people. Living here in Arizona, we don't get many visitors. I know I have mentioned this many times but I LOVE it when my family comes to town. I miss them so much and so I treasure each and every moment.

First we had James' cousin Chip come from Tennessee. I truly believe that Larry the Cable guy should watch his back....he ain't got nothin' on Chip. (Have you ever noticed how contagious a Texas accent can be?) I laughed until I literally could not laugh anymore. We loved having Chip here. I got to hear some great childhood stories. Not to mention it seems that Chip and I seem to be equally passionate about politics and cooking. I think Chip's Italian chicken was a bigger hit with the kids than anything I've been able to make thus far. Chip you are welcome to visit and make us dinner ANYTIME. We love ya!

When Chip came to visit he didn't come empty handed. He and his sweet wife Tammy bought us all wonderful and very thoughtful gifts! They got James a nice Texas Longhorns watch, which James L-O-V-E loves! How could he not? Then the last time he was here I was telling him that I used to have this great Magic Johnson jersey but have somehow managed to misplace it. So, yep you guessed it, they got me a new one! I cannot begin to describe their thoughtfulness. And of course they didn't forget the kids...they gave them Wal-mart gift cards, which in this house is priceless! Thank you again!
Then the doc that James worked for while in his undergrad came into town and James was able to visit with him and show him the cerec machine. James is ranked as a "master" in cerec technology so it was a treat for the "paddiwon" to teach the "Jedi" as Dr. Foutz referred to it. He did say James was Anaquin and he was Obi-won. Although I think James actually makes a better "Luke" than Vader. That being said they had a great visit.
And lastly, my sister's Charity and Sallie and Sallie's hubby Jesse came to visit. They brought their kiddos along and we, as always, had a blast. It's definitely summer time here in Az. So we headed to the splash park. The kids always have so much fun.

And what would a family get together be like without a Lakers game? Not to mention we enjoyed watching them beat the Jazz. There is nothing that brings more joy than to defeat Utah. Jess did show his support for the losing team. But his faith, along with the Jazz defense, proved to be fruitless.

I can't say it enough. We love, LOVE our family. They have been so wonderful to James and I. We feel very blessed to call them family.


Burgon Fam said...

We love you too! probablly should have explained why I am smiling like a pirate in that picture of us girls! lol oh thank heavens for dentists! especially ones like james! by the way thanks for the mothers treat! you do to much! ALWAYS too much! and happy mothers day to you Aimis! Also thank you for the sweet birthday call! and dont worry about acard my mothers day treat will do just fine!

The Wachel Family said...

Wish we could get out that way some time! I still need to see your house! Pictures please...please?

Gray Family said...

Hey you know you could be like the rest of us that NEVER blog. Or mabey that's just me. I promise to do better. You inspire me (Or just piss me off that you are so consistent, one of the two.). Anyways I loved all of the pictures, it made me miss being there. Hopefully we will be able to come again soon. But I will get to see you guys in a few weeks, so that gives me something to look forward to!!!

Anonymous said...

The Lakers have some hot fans is all I have to say! You and your sista's are Gorgeous. I LOVE when sisters come to visit. So glad you had fun. Speaking of sista's visiting.....when are you coming back over? :0) Luv your guts.