Friday, June 19, 2009

Great to be 8!

My sweet little niece Skylee turned 8 a couple weeks ago. So we headed to Utah for her birthday party and baptism. I love baptism's. Sitting in the chapel with all the eager, happy little 8 year old children. I'm sure I'm not the only sitting there that thought back to my own baptism day. I realized that this is something I should be doing every Sunday. Though I may not remember every detail I do remember the way I felt. Clean, happy, loved. It was so sweet to see Skylee baptized and then confirmed by her father. Though the words of the ordinances are simple, they hold so much promise! We are so proud of you Sky!

Skylee's birthday party was the day before the baptism. My sister Charity made the cutest cake. I aspire to be like my little sister...but alas, my "homemaking" skills are far below that of hers. Not to mention I don't remember the last birthday party I threw that didn't involve Chuck E Cheese or something of the sort where all the work is done for you.

The kids always enjoy these trips. I swear we don't see them from the moment we arrive until the moment we have to leave. They LOVE playing with their cousins!

Two beauties, my little sis Sallie and my Grandma!
My wonderful grandparents.
My youngest brother and his wife and soon to be little boy!! Of course you can't really tell she due in 4 weeks.
My beautiful little sister and her sweet little Cayden
Skylee on her baptism day.
All the grandkids...and then some!
As before, the trip was wonderful and it was hard to say goodbye. James and I decided to try a new route home. It was actually faster! Not to mention prettier. We made a few stops along the way to let Kalytsa and Levi play. There were these random massive boulders on the side of the road. Pretty cool!


Daniel Quillen said...

Great pictures, Aimee! I particularly like the one of Sallie and Grandma.

jenorme said...

How is everyone so good looking in your family? Everyone! Love the pics since I haven't seen your siblings since high school.

Burgon Fam said...

I too like the one of Grandma and just gave me a copy...onyl grandma looks a lot better in hats than i do! I love that you always put loads of pictures on...your blog is the best to read and look i am curiouse...who was your "good Baby" was it brooklyn....and do you say that cuz they changed...cuz it seems like that now i am worried... Axil is good now so what comes next???lol!