Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School!

Today the kids started school. Once again I am sitting here wishing I had just a little more time. It always feels that way doesn't it? They were all so excited, and I did my best to be excited with them. They were up at 6:30 this morning. The girls wanted their hair curled...which is a first. Even last year I had to beg them to let me put a few curls in. They are growing up and though I wish I could, I can't stop it. The girls are more concerned this year with their hair and clothes. The boys are getting more into sports and friends. Each of them is developing their individual personalities. I do love each of them so much!

James took the morning off and we all drove to the school. I feel fortunate that they, even Brooklyn, still want us there with them.
Last night James gave each of the kids their school blessings. Each was sweet and perfectly fitting. We feel blessed to have such wonderful children. While I'm not looking forward to homework, I am looking forward to spending much more time at the kids school. I have become a volunteer and have already told Brooklyn's teacher that I will come in 3 days a week to help with a student that needs a little more one on one. I am also going to help around the classrooms of the others whenever possible. So they can't get rid of me just yet! (insert evil laugh here)

Oh and to answer your question. Yes, the 80's have come back....with a vengeance.


Katie said...

What a stylish bunch!

jenorme said...

I'm dreading the hair and homework! Your kids look pretty snazzy.

Burgon Fam said...

oh aimee you make me i am counting down the days till my kids are old enough to go to school...sheesh...well one day im sure i'll change my minde but this two year old twin bit has been a little rough! Hurray for age three! ....whats that??? Its worse you say????
twins for sale??? :1

Mike Wachel said...

I love the 80's and I LOVE your kiddos Aim!!! So cute...glad you're volunteering too, that is really cool.

Mike Wachel said...

Ok, so that comment above was Beck..sorry, I'm on Mike's computer!