Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Arrowhead

James has opened his second office, Arrowhead Dental Group. Though there were a few set backs (remember the fire? 2 weeks before opening...yeah) the office opened a few months ago and had their grand opening back in July. It was great! They set a company wide record for appointments scheduled...pretty cool. He has such amazing staff there, we couldn't be happier! So here are a few pics from that super exciting day!

They had Cuddles the clown come and do face painting and balloons. She was a big hit!

James, Dr. Holly and the staff at Arrowhead
The tooth fairy made an appearance....
So did a llama...
A very lonely llama.
The city of Glendale did a ribbon cutting ceremony.
She looked so cute I didn't have the heart to tell her the mask goes over your mouth not your hair. Although you have to admit, she looks pretty good in a white coat.
James and his super excited patient. She had won a free zoom, I'd be happy too!!
Tammy and Sam, his office manager and multi office manager.

It was a great day. We're excited to be part of such a great team!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I will not fight, I will not fight

Today was one of those days. One where you instinctively know that your children are not going to have a good day. Is it mother's intuition? Is it the spirit prompting you to "be ye therefore patient?", or is it simply the fact that from the moment they roll out of bed nothing seems to go right? Well, this was one of those days for Walker and Levi. Our boys are generally wonderful. They play together and seem to really enjoy each others company. But not today.

At about 8:55 I received both a text and voice message from Brooklyn telling me the boys had gotten into a fight on the bus. But she had turned her phone off and I couldn't get details -- not that I needed them. I knew, without being told, exactly what had transpired. Sure enough about 20 minutes later I get a call from the bus driver. (It's pretty sad when she has you on speed dial...sigh...oh well.) She proceeds to tell me that, as I had already predicted, Levi was teasing Walker to the point that Walker had had enough so he then grabbed a hold of Levi's hair and in turn Levi grabbed a hold of Walker and then they went at it. She had to pull the bus over and Brooklyn went running to try to pull them a part.

She asked if she should pull the tape. There is a camera on each bus and when there is an "incident" the tape is pulled and shown to the principal. Joy. So she left it up to me. I chose not to this time. I told her we would handle it this first time at home, but should it ever happen again she didn't even need to call. Pull the tape and send them to see the principal.

I guess Walker was pretty upset and went into class in tears. So Mr. Hockman took him to Levi's class and the boys apologized to one another and gave eachother a hug. So of course when the boys got home they figured all was well. Poor souls. They had their video games, computer, tv and toys all taken away. They could read and color -- that's it. Plus they had to write "I WILL NOT FIGHT" 50 times. We sat them down and spoke to them about treating each other with love and respect and the proper way to handle things. The boys were pretty teary eyed by the end...mainly because I think without their electronics and toys they are at a loss.

It was sweet though, tonight when Walker said his prayers he asked Heavenly Father to "please, please, please forgive me and please bless me and Levi not to fight anymore." I think He heard you Bud. Over all I'm so proud of these sweet little boys and feel very blessed that they get along so well given their circumstances. Bad days notwithstanding. ;-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School!

Today the kids started school. Once again I am sitting here wishing I had just a little more time. It always feels that way doesn't it? They were all so excited, and I did my best to be excited with them. They were up at 6:30 this morning. The girls wanted their hair curled...which is a first. Even last year I had to beg them to let me put a few curls in. They are growing up and though I wish I could, I can't stop it. The girls are more concerned this year with their hair and clothes. The boys are getting more into sports and friends. Each of them is developing their individual personalities. I do love each of them so much!

James took the morning off and we all drove to the school. I feel fortunate that they, even Brooklyn, still want us there with them.
Last night James gave each of the kids their school blessings. Each was sweet and perfectly fitting. We feel blessed to have such wonderful children. While I'm not looking forward to homework, I am looking forward to spending much more time at the kids school. I have become a volunteer and have already told Brooklyn's teacher that I will come in 3 days a week to help with a student that needs a little more one on one. I am also going to help around the classrooms of the others whenever possible. So they can't get rid of me just yet! (insert evil laugh here)

Oh and to answer your question. Yes, the 80's have come back....with a vengeance.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Island Park

A couple weeks ago James an I took a trip up to Idaho to visit my little brother and his cute family. His wife Jen's family has a cabin in Island park so we headed up to spend the weekend with the bears. Let me say, I am NOT a camper. Never have been. BUT, this was a cabin with a toilet and running water so I fared pretty well. We had a great time. The weather was perfect. The night before we went up I was able to have dinner and spend some time with an old friend. Jaime and her husband Brandon. It was so nice to see them and their super cute kids.

James also had a chance to re-visit his adolescence...
I think my favorite part of the trip was riding the quads. No broken bones this time.
We visited the oldest cabin up in Island park. It was built by a man named Johnny Sack. He was only like 4 and a half feet tall. So everything in the cabin was little. Here John and James decided they would reenact what Johnny must have looked like next to a normal size man.
The cabin sits at the head of the river. The water is crystal clear and you can go and feed the fish there. James thought it would be funny to feed me to the fish.
James trying to find signal to call a prescription in for his patient. What did we ever do before cell phones? Oh wait, I know, we had nice, quiet, peaceful vacations.
James really loves kids. And they love him right back. Trynitee was his new best friend while we were there.
I went out with the boys to watch them shoot. I did give the handgun a try. Not a big fan of shotguns. I was quite content to run the skeet shooter.
Dad and John giving me a few pointers.
We decided to do a little fishing before heading home. Unfortunately all that was accomplished was the refining of our casting skills.
Mama's little man...
John with his little boy Johnny and a pink and purple fishing pole...hey I'm just pointing out details.
On our way there and on our way home I got to meet my sweet little nephew Juno. He was such a cutie! Needless to say he looks just like his momma and big brother! I think he got Bud's hands and feet. ;-)