Monday, July 14, 2008

Celebrating Independence

For the 4th of July we went to Utah. We did so many fun things while we were there, it still surprises me we were able to fit it all in. Here are some of the fun things we got to do:

Day 1: The 4th of July

First thing in the morning one of Charity's neighbors put up a rock wall and invited all the kids to come participate...

Then, we took all of the family to dinner at one of our favorite local spots, Porters Place. The kids all looked so cute in their red, white, and blue! Then we headed for the Stadium of Fire to see Blue Man Group and of course Miley Cyrus. All who performed were amazing, from the skydivers, to the giant flag held, and waved by men and women in the armed forces, to Glenn Beck and let's not forget the fireworks...all of it was spectacular. We were all kind of spread out so James and I ended up sitting with just the boys. They kept asking when "Hannah Montana" was coming out. She was the final act and poor Levi fell asleep just before. Walker however bopped his head throughout the entire concert. All in all a great show!

Day 2: Pictures and Bar-b-que

Then, for my mom's birthday she decided she wanted a picture of all the grandkids (please hold the laughter until the end) so we curled and moussed up their hair and headed to the park. I stood right next to the photographer and took photos right along with her and don't think I got 1 where everyone was looking...sigh...oh well. I did go around and get some pretty cute pics of all the kids.

Then to finish out the day we had a bar-b-que at my little brother's apartment. The kids got to swim and oh yeah, so did I thanks to my wonderful little brothers!

Day 3: Cayden's Blessing

To finish out the trip we were able to attend the blessing of Cayden, my sister Cami's new baby. It was a beautiful blessing given by my dad. How blessed we are to have such a great family!

We had a wonderful time and as always, were sad to leave. Thanks to all of our amazing family for a wonderful, memorable vacation!