Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Boys...Big Toys

As you saw in the earlier post James has finally decided to buy a new car. When I met James he had just bought a Honda Accord (which I loved and he hated) that he assured me he only wanted to keep until after graduation. He also had a BMW which he sold shortly after we were married to pay for his boards. So, it has been a little over a year now that he has been out of school and a little over 9 months that he has been searching for his "dream car". We thought he'd found it a couple times but alas he was not satisfied. I threatened him with his life if he was to take me to one more dealership. We all know the nature of car salesmen and frankly I had had enough. So 2 weeks ago he convinced me to come to one more. And thankfully he found a car that he loved. You see, James is such an incredibly, selfless human being. He was having a difficult time wanting to buy something for himself. He ALWAYS puts the needs (and wants) of his family first. So to spend money on something that he has wanted so badly was not easy for him. Of course I had no problem with convincing him that he deserved it. Because he does. He's worked hard under some very hard circumstances, never giving up, and so James Congrats on the new car! I think I'm now a permanent BMW fan!

The boys showing some "muscle".

BMW 645 Ci


AZ HS Spotlight said...

Love the muscle shot! Cute!!!

Erin said...

ooooh... Brandon is going to be so jealous!!! :) How fun!:) Maybe someday.. when we aren't broke students of course!:)

Burgon Fam said...

OH how fun! good for james! He does deserve it... So yeah about mom and my hair cut....I went to her house to show her thinking the second she saw me she would just scream....get took her 20 min! 20 min to even notice....and when she finally did there was a definite gasp for she said she liked it but come on we all know she was thinking " should never cut your hair!" lol It still hasn't sunken in that i have short afraid for the day i regret it...cuz come on, i dont know a single person who ever had long hair an cut it.... not regret cutting it.

Gray Family said...

cool car dude! I love it. Oh and my kids said we are not coming because you don't have a pool. Well actually I was just thinking that. Okay I guess we'll still come. Love ya