Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Circus

We've had so much fun the last couple weeks. My family decided they missed me so much that they just HAD to come visit....and we couldn't have been happier to have them! First Cami came with 2 of her girls Tyler and Cayden. We went shopping and just hung out. Cami had some dental work done and was a little sore the first couple days so we just stayed home, ate frozen yogurt and watched movies! The kids had fun playing together as well.

2 days after Cami headed home my other 2 sisters and my mom all piled in Sallie's new car, along with Charity's 3 girls and Sallie's twinners, and headed here to visit. We had such a good time. We took the kids to the splash park (it's still around 95 degrees here) where they enjoyed the last bits of an Arizona summer.

The next day we headed to Castles and Coasters. Of course the kids had a blast. I am still amazed at how brave they all are. The older girls rode the roller coaster. It had 2 "loopty loops". I willingly offered to stay with the younger kids. I'm a big chicken and am NOT a big fan of roller coasters. They also loved the log ride. Again, someone had to stay with the younger folks. But even Walker, Levi and Teagan braved that one!

Afterwards we had our awesome sitter, Mariyah (girl I love you!!) come and babysit all 9 children. She just said the more kids the better?! She babysat so the 5 of us could go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. James said maybe polygamy wouldn't be so bad....

Sunday Sallie, Charity and my mom made dinner while James and I took all but the twins to church. Since we are still new to our large ward we got some pretty funny looks walking in with the 7 kids. But they were all very well behaved. James asked if I could imagine having 7 kids. I told him that my parents only had 1 less than that! I think I'll stick with my 4. After we had fun just sitting and chatting and watching the kids play.

Thank you to my awesome family for taking the time to come to visit. I know what a long drive it is. I know that it's a big expense. Thank you for loving us so much. Thank you to Dad, Kirby and Jesse for letting your wives leave you for the weekend. We love you and can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving. (Charity I'll post the pics of James and the kids as soon as I remember to bring them home!) Love you guys!!!!


Katie said...

SO fun! I LOVE it when family visits!

Gray Family said...

Hey you could slow down a bit and take like two weeks to post things, like me. And um excuse me, but WHAT expense?? Yeah of course you know about the expense because YOU PAID FOR EVERYTHING!!! You guys are so giving, with all of the dental work, and all of the dinners, how could we ever repay you??? I hope some day I can get even with you. Anyways, we had a blast, we have been depressed all day long wishing we were all still there. Oh well I guess Thanksgiving isn't that far away. Love Ya, thanks to both of you again!

Burgon Fam said...

I second that Charity...You guys hardly made it a sacrifice at all for us. I sure miss you guys though...we got spoiled for so long being so close you never realize how much you miss those ones your away from...i seem to have to much experience with this..maybe someone is trying to tell me something...We miss you so much..Thank you SOOOOO much!xoxoxo cant wait for thanksgiving!

Joseph and Lianna Quillen said...

Looks like you guys had a great amount of fun.