Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Levi!!

Yes, I know that I'm a few days late with this post. However, we want to wish Levi a very Happy Birthday! His birthday was on the 20th and he turned 6 years old!! Levi is such a fun kid. Lately he says the funniest things, and the best part is he's dead serious so we must try our best not to laugh. His teacher tells me just how funny he is in class as well. Levi started Kindergarten this year and loves school and his sweet teacher Mrs. Taylor (homework, not so much). Some of the things Levi enjoys are playing...anything...with his brother. Also, he loves the wii and has started playing basketball and loves it. He is such a happy little boy and his most favorite thing in the world right now is his DAD. He follows him around and whatever James is doing, Levi wants to be a part of it. We love our little Levi and want to say a big Happy Birthday!!

Levi and his mom.
Levi, Halloween 2004.
Levi and his grandpa Mallory
Levi loved Circus Circus where this was taken. Oh, and ice cream too!!
Levi and his most favorite person...his daddy.
Levi loves swimming, this year he learned to swim without the life jacket!! We were so happy!!
I had to post this picture because one of the funniest things about Levi is that he falls asleep EVERYWHERE, we constantly find him sound asleep in the strangest places.
Levi on his first day of kindergarten.
Happy Birthday to our sweet, funny little man!!