Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Walker!!

Yes, this post is as late as the others. With the craziness of the holidays and the fact that we have 4, yes 4, birthdays in December I've been running a little behind. Nonetheless I want to wish my little man a very Happy 6th Birthday. Walker was born on December 30th at 2:17 in the afternoon. He weighed 8lbs. 10 oz. and was 21 in long....he also had a massive cranium, or should I say has. Walker is such a tenderhearted little boy. He has always loved to hug, kiss and snuggle which I have taken full advantage of the last 6 years. It seems odd to me that he is so big. I still see him as the cute little toe head toddler who could brighten my day with just a smile. He's a bit of a momma's boy which isn't always a great thing and I have been doing my best to loosen the apron strings. Walker is a great little brother. He loves his sisters and his brother. Walker is very meticulous in everything he does. He started Kindergarten this year and I swear the boy has better handwriting than I do. He is a perfectionist to the core. I love this sweet boy and am grateful for his little smile that still can melt my heart.

This picture was taken just after I found out I was pregnant with Walker. We were visiting Disneyworld and were so thrilled....we'd done a lot to get him here.

Uh, yes I know that looking at the difference in our skin tone one might wonder if he was mine but indeed he was. Walker had this crazy hair that stood straight up. So eventually I just started throwing some gel in it....good thing the "spiky" hair look was in.
Here's my sweet little squeeker!!
Walker was a toe head for a couple years. I loved it and was sad to see it go!!
Walker was a very, very happy little boy. He found enjoyment from even the simplest things and he loved to be outside like he is here in American Fork Canyon.

Walker loved his trains!! He also loved to change out the batteries all by himself.

For a short time I decided to grow out his hair and he had the traditional "bowl cut". I thought it was pretty cute but eventually I went back to the spiky hair after some persuasion.

Walker at the beach 2 years ago. He loves playing in the sand.

Like I said in his little blurb, Walker has a stoic look which you can clearly see in this picture of him and his kite. Walker didn't want anyone to help him fly it.

One thing we have found is that this little boy is extremely accident prone. I have strongly contemplated putting him in a bubble (not sure I've completely abandoned the idea just yet!) When he had just learned to crawl down our stairs he would constantly miss the last step and tumble head first to the tile floor below. It seemed that as soon as his head healed it would happen all over again. He had a perpetual goose egg on his head. At age 2 he was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets who, fortunately for him bit and didn't sting. However, it was still very painful. At age 3 he was bit in the face by a dog. At age 4 he was in the hospital because he had a lymph node that got infected and ended up requiring a small surgery to drain it. At age 5 he first went camping with his grandma and while roasting marshmallows somehow managed to drop a flaming marshmallow on his eye and then just a couple months ago split his head open on a bed post. Never a dull moment with this boy! Here is a picture of him in the hospital last year. Still happy as can be.

Walker started Kindergarten this year as well. He loves school and absolutely adores his teacher Mrs. Encarnacion. She tells me that he is such a tender-hearted little boy and just loves his hugs....which he always has for her! The teachers aid while in James' office one day said that Walker was a model student. Here's to hoping that never changes!
We love our sweet Walker and wish you a very Happy Birthday!


The Wachel Family said...

Shoot! I forgot about his B-day...tell the little man we hope he had a good one! He is just SO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh cute Walker! Man, you've had a lot of B days in your house so this is a blanket Happy Happy Birthday to you all! How was Christmas and New Years? Call me and we'll play. luvs