Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sun-N-Sand Part 1

A couple weeks ago we decided...very last minute...to take the kids to Newport beach. James' business partner has a beach house there and let us come and stay for the weekend. At first the kids were confused -- "we're going to California but not to Disneyland? However I think the beach proved to hold as much excitement for them as Disney. They loved the sand and letting the waves chase them in. All but Levi and I even braved swimming out into the ocean with James. (Levi was more content to sit in the sand and dig and build sand castles, and I don't particularly enjoy swimming in salt water. Especially cold salt water.) Brooklyn even gave boogie boarding a try. Although we found out pretty quick that this was not the best part of the beach to learn. After being tumbled around a bit Brooklyn decided that she was done boogie boarding for awhile.

We had such a wonderful time and the kids, as usual, are asking when do we go back? Truth be told they're not the only ones who are asking ;-). Now we took probably close to 400 pictures. I did my best to pick out my favorites. But as many of you know I am the most indecisive human being and therefore you will forgive me for posting so many. I will only post the beach pictures today. I will post the others in a day or so.

James giving Brooklyn a few pointers...
That's my girl!
Kalysta loved chasing down and picking up the seaweed!
Levi was so mad! He had spent so much time building his sand castle only to have it washed away... :-( No worries though, he just moved up and started over. That boy doesn't let anything bother him for long.

Walker seemed to have no fear of the water. He would stand there and just wait for the waves to crash down and come after him. He said he wasn't afraid of the ocean. James and I tried to teach him that it's good to have a healthy fear of the ocean. But he wasn't buying it.
Everyone loves a cowboy...;-)James had a good time swimming in the ocean...
While I preferred to stay on dry ground and nap...
Yes, the water was freezing. Which is why this is as wet as I got!
The boys "helping" James make lunch.


Gray Family said...

Dude, seriously. You make us look bad, I don't think you took enough pictures... I think I will finally update my blog, look for an update in the next 6 months. It looks like you guys had a blast! I am jealous... Can't wait to see you guys!

Burgon Fam said...

um yeah....looks like you need to put on a few pounds...but you know i say this just because im jelouse and wished i looked even remotley close to what you do in a bikini...oh well maybe in heaven we will all have bodies like yours!

As for the pictures...I sware your kids get more and more beautiful...I love it...im so proud to claim them!

Karin said...

Those are the best beach pictures!
I preferred staying on the beach and being the photographer. The only challenge was all the people in the background..It looks like your family owned the beach! Such a pretty spot, huge waves and the sand wasn't covered in seaweed. YOu lucky girl!