Saturday, January 24, 2009


Lakers that is. As you read before we were able to score some great tickets for the Lakres/Jazz game which I gave to my dad for Christmas. With the one stipulation that I HAD to be one of the 3 people he took with him. So on January second my dad, two brothers and I met in L.A. We had such an amazing time. There is nothing like a live NBA game. ESPECIALLY when it's the Lakers. Not to mention I quite enjoy watching the games with those 3. To make it even better we got to watch them play the Utah Jazz. There are few teams we enjoy watching the Lakers beat more than the Jazz. We spent the early afternoon at the Team LA store, stocked up on goods for the game and then headed back over to Staples to watch the game. I love spending time with my family any chance I get. This was no exception. I want to give a big thanks to my AMAZING HUSBAND for taking the day off work to be with the kids and letting me enjoy this time with my family. You are the best ever!!

John, Bud and Dad in front of Staples
Me -N- My Dad just before tip-off.
Me -N- My little brothers.

It was a great game, especially with the 2 Jazz fans directly in front of us. We were courteous of course, I just made sure the one sitting closest to me wouldn't be able to hear anything but my voice in his head for at least a week. To top it off while in the airport getting ready to head home I just happened to strike up a conversation with a sweet woman that turned out to be Derek Fisher's mother. She was a sweetheart and gave my dad an autographed picture. Great end to a great weekend. Oh, I do have to post one picture of the Jazz, especially for you Charity.


DM said...

looks like you guys had so much fun. Even though I don't like that lakers I do love watching a good baseketball game!

Gray Family said...

Hey sweet just noticed the picture of my boyfriend. Thanks for that. Come on you know he's hot.